Save the Date!

The next Business Contacts takes place on May 24, 2024 statt.

Any questions?

Who can participate in the Business Contacts career fair?

Participation in the Business Contacts career fair is open to all interested students and graduates.

Should I visit the Business Contacts career fair in the early stages of my Bachelor's program?

The Business Contacts career fair does not solely address graduates, but rather is a fair where the focus is on dialog between students of any level and company representatives. This is why the companies not only provide information about entry-level and career opportunities but are also available as potential partners for internships and working student jobs.

Do I have to register if I want to visit the Business Contacts career fair?

Every student and every graduate can visit the fair without registering and obtain information at the fair according to their individual goals and wishes. However, participation in the warm-up and cool-down workshops as well as the career lunch requires registration. Information on the respective application deadlines can be found here.

How much does it cost to take part in the Business Contacts?

Participation in the fair is free of charge. Throughout the day, the companies will be available to answer your questions about internships, entry-level and career opportunities, and final theses free of charge. There are also no costs for participating in interviews and the career lunch. Only when using the application photo service do costs incur.

How can I prepare for the Business Contacts?

Familiarize yourself with the exhibitors and decide which ones are of particular interest to you. You should find out more about these companies in advance. Also, think carefully about what you want to achieve with a visit to the Business Contacts and use the day accordingly.

What do the exhibitors expect from me?

Companies are looking for qualified and committed young talent. Therefore, find out in advance about the companies that you would like to convince of your strengths. This will certainly make it easier for you to have an interesting conversation with the company representatives. You can find detailed exhibitor profiles here.

Do I need to bring my application documents?

In most cases, the exhibitors do not ask for application documents at the Business Contacts. However, have your CV ready when you have scheduled interviews.

What kind of talks can I expect at the fair booths?

At the fair booths, you will have the opportunity to hold informational discussions with company representatives. A more in-depth exchange takes place in the interviews. The application period for interviews ends on May 21, 2024.

Is there a catering for visitors?

You can purchase hot and cold drinks in our catering tent. For lunch and snacks, you will find local cafés and restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the Juridicum/Oeconomicum.

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